Middle of the Road Half-Caff

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(50% regular/50% decaf) Our Roaster's Choice blended with Decaf Brunette produces a balanced, flavorful cup with only half the caffeine of our regular coffees.

Middle of the Road Half-Caff

Product Reviews

Written by Dorie on Aug 17th 2020

Great coffee

Honestly I drink half caff coffee so that I could drink more of it without the caffeine jitters. This one is delicious and saves me the trouble of mixing my own.

Written by Lou Mongan on Jun 1st 2020

Middle of the Road Coffee

Just as great as I remembered it being. Was so happy to be able to order it online when events made it impossible to drive to Calistoga. This coffee (with milk) is mellow to my taste and mellow to my mood. No jitters, just smooth enjoyment.

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